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Why Use a Travel Agent?
Travel agents work tirelessly on your behalf in order to make your vacation dreams come true. When you book your own vacation online, you’re missing a valuable ally who is there to help negotiate with hotels and airlines should problems arise during your trip. We are not paid by you; rather, we are paid directly from the airlines and hotel chains and never over-inflate a price in order to obtain a better commission.

About Us

Since our beginning in 2003, We Book Trips has been a full-service travel agency specializing in cruises and travel packages. We take the time to carefully listen to your specific requests so that your journey will be just the way you want. We enjoy travel as much as we enjoy booking for our customers and have a wealth of experience in traveling to many of the destinations we book. This experience allow us to add very personalized details and our personal recommendations to your travel itinerary. We are a home-based agency, so we can work with our clients whatever way is best for them–-email, phone or in person–-and can always find a time to fit your busy schedule. Too often people take shortcuts when planning travel in the hopes of saving a few dollars, but we can not only help you maximize your budget, but prevent cutting corners on what should be a trip filled with unique experiences that will create lasting memories to fill a lifetime!

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